Greatest Geordie Food!

Divven't be shy or you'll get nowt but sh*t and sugar............

Some of the most loved food in the north aren't sold anywhere else in the world such as certain pastries, peas pudding, stottys and more.

Chicken Parmo - A breaded slab of chicken, layered with white béchamel sauce and cheese. This takeaway treat is iconic to Teeside and will sort you out after a heavy night on the drink.

Pan Haggerty - I know everyone seems to have a different take on this dish, but for the best part it’s layers of potatoes, melted cheese and sliced onions.

Stotties - This heavy loaf makes for an awesome sarnie and a killer breakfast bap.

The North East has a strong emotional relationship with the Stottie, which has been a local legend throughout the generations. Only available in the north east.

Pease Pudding - Pease pudding is one of the greatest creations from the north east, which are boiled legumes spilt yellow or carlin peas with water, salt, and spices. (often cooked with a bacon or ham joint) compressed until it is a thick juicy paste. This is perfect or ham and pease pudding sandwiches.

Saveloy dips - Start of with a soft white bun covered in butter and peas pudding, add a saveloy or two (beech smoked sausages), with some mustard on, add sage and onion stuffing. Finally finish that bad boy off by dipping half in gravy.

Pie, Peas and Mash- The traditional dish of pie, peas and mash is a staple of Northern cuisine. Usually this would be a homemade steak and kidney pie with mushy peas and thick creamy mash to match. Topped with homemade REAL gravy.

Fish and Chips- A truly quintessential British dish, the humble fish and chips is one of the nation’s most beloved dishes. Usually consisting of battered cod or haddock and deep-fried chunks of chipped potatoes and loads of batter!, the classic dish became popular in the mid-19th century.

Sunday Roast- Every Sunday across the nation, many Brits gather to eat a Sunday roast – a simple, but beloved dish of roasted meat which would be chicken unless your minted and are having beef/lamb, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables, golden roastys (roasted potatoes) and homemade gravy.

Pasties- Some of the most loved and ate food/ snack in the north east. Nothing better then a Hot flakey delicious pastry. Made popular by the local baker known as Greggs. all the best fillings such as sausage and beans, steak bake, steak and stallion, chicken curry, cheese, sausage roll, chicken bake, veggy bake, beef and veg, bacon and cheese wrap and even more...

British fry up- This is of course one of the most important meals of the day. a fried breakfast which includes fried bacon, egg, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, tinned or fresh fried tomato, toast, mushrooms, hash brown. if your really hurry you could even get some fried chips thrown on.