Do yee kna what I'm saying!?

Here are some of our geordie slang words which we use often. now you can translate.

Aye - Yes Nar - No Nee - No Wor - Our Gan - Going Yee - You Doon - Down

Purely belta - Really, Really good

He's geet canny as oot - He's a really nice person

Are yee daft - Are you stupid

Dee as ya telt - Do as your told

Areet bonny lad - A polite way of saying hello

Me ma said - My mam said

Shooting and bawling - Arguing with someone

Am gan to the toon - I'm going to Newcastle city centre

I'm propa paggered - I'm really tired

Whey Aye Man - Yes 

A luv yee pet - I love you (talking to your partner not your dog)

Cheers pet - Thanks 

Wor lass - My girlfriend

Wor lad - My boyfriend

Neet - Night Owa - Over Reet - Right Nowt - Nothing Wrang - Wrong Lang - Long Howk - Pick or scratch Divvent - Don't Toon - Town, Newcastle United Geet - No real translation - descriptive word Alang - Along Radgie - Chav Radge - Mad Class - Good Bonny - Beautiful Gadgie - Old man

Bairn - Child Bait - Dinner, packed lunch Hinny - Female  Hyem / yem - Home Hoose - House Canny - Good Propa - Significant  Belta - Really good Gob - Mouth Snout - Cigarette Doylem - Idiot (insult) Charva - Chav Mortal - Drunk Nappa - Head Knackered - Tired

Laddie - Boy Lassie - Girl Smerking - Smoking Haddaway - Term for disbelief Clamming - Hungry Deek - Look Nebby - Nosey Deed - Dead

oo he was gan propa radge - He was really angry

She's geet lush - She's very good looking

She's dead lush - She's very good looking Calm doon - Calm down A right nebby bugga - A nosey person was anly ten pund (or a tenner) - It was only ten pound Canny good like - Good Am gan hyem Pronounced 'yem' - I'm going home Howay man - Come on!  Clamming for me bait - Hungry for my food. Giz a snout mate - Can I have a cigarette Here man, he's giving is hackies - He's looking at me funny Shy bairns get nowt - Shy children get nothing Divvent get is wrang pet - Don't get me wrong Areet wor kid? - Slang term for hello my friend Giz a deek at that - let me have a look at that Haddaway & sh*te - Said in disbelief