Bonny Past Times!

In the north east we have some places that remind us of our heritage. But no place in the north beats Beamish museum!

Beamish is an open air show, recreation of the historic Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian life, with costumed staff, buses and trams. Near the town of Stanley, County Durham, England.

This is a great day out for the family or if your interested in history or trains/trams. the founder who was Dr Frank Atkinson created this when he realised that all the coal mining, ship building and iron and steel manufacturing were disappearing, along with the communities that served them.

Dr Frank Atkinson wanted the museum to “illustrate vividly” the way of life of “ordinary people” and bring the region’s history alive. Which has certainly meet the expectations.

some some mint attractions within the museum.

They have events on all year round which is great for the kids. They range from Christmas, Halloween, afternoon tea and traditional experiences.

Even more to discover and see on www.beamish.org.uk .....